*PLATINUM ARTIST – Community Post *
TOP 10 – Round 6
The Platinum Artist Vocal Competition has yet again wrapped up a phenomenal round!!
Round 6 brought us all stellar Sinatra and Streisand numbers filled with spectacular vocals and emotional and inspirational performances.
Here is our Top 10 submissions for Round 6 “Frank Sinatra/Barbra Streisand”:
We now have our top 50 contestants and this competition is getting more and more exciting!
We are extremely proud of each and every one of our contestants for commend them for their dedication and hard work!
To follow the progress for this fantastic competition, please visit our official website: www.pavc.info
We are now well into Round 7 and we are certain to see and hear some stunning musical numbers from all our contestants!
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#10DaysofSing Instagram Contest


#10DaysofSing Instagram Contest

Download our Sing! Karaoke app to join the fun community.

Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sing!-karaoke-by-smule/id509993510?mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smule.singandroid&hl=en



It’s 10 days of singing, 10 days of happiness. And even better? Share your 10 days of Smule singing selfies on Instagram for a chance at winning a ticket to A FREE CONCERT OF YOUR CHOICE! This is the time to unlock your creativity, have fun, and share your fun recordings with the world!

Join us in our upcoming Instagram challenge as we spark a new theme  every day. The contest is simple and entering is easy!



Contest runs October 1st – October 10th


You can find them here OR check daily on Instagram! :) Remember, you’ll need to share your Smule recording on Instagram every day for each theme to qualify for the grand prize!

Don’t have time? No worries, you can use old recordings or do all in one day. Just upload the recording on the day with the hashtag on Instagram! :)


1st – Pop

2nd – Acoustic

3rd – Groups

4th – 90s

5th – Acappella

6th – Country

7th – RnB

9th – Rock

10th – Cosplay / dressup

11th – Sing in an unconventional place


How to Enter:

  1. Each day, check the theme for the day (as shown above), pick a fitting song, and record yourself singing!
  2. Save and hashtag #10daysofsing
  3. Share your recording on Instagram. Use the same hashtag #10daysofsing on Instagam – if you’re profile isn’t public, DM @smule or email community@smule.com so that we can follow you and validate your Instagram entry.


How to Win:




Winner must:

Winner must complete all challenges throughout the 10 days. It will be based on a combination of creativity, and overall fun and enjoyment.



A ticket to a concert of your choice. We will reimburse you for ticket*. And you’ll also receive some Smule Swag. :)




Winner must:

Winner must complete 1 of the 10 challenges on Instagram via the Smule Sing! app



We will put you on our playlist and send you some Smule Swag!


*Smule will reimburse a concert ticket up to $300!


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#SmulePickHarmony is This Weeks Theme


#SmulePickHarmony is This Weeks Theme

Happy Friday, Smuleans!

For newcomers, Smule Picks is a curated playlist of Smule’s favorite performances from the Sing! community based on a theme each week. Any community member can add the weekly Smule Picks hashtag to his or her recording description for a chance to be featured in this playlist, which we publish every Friday. And since today is Friday, it’s time to unveil a brand new playlist for this past week’s theme and announce the next one!

This week’s Featured Smule Picks playlist was based on the theme: Throwback. Check out the playlist right now on Smule or open up the Sing! Karaoke app and tap on the Hot Performances screen.

Selections from #SmulePickThrowback Playlist

Enter Your #SmulePickHarmony Recording!

This coming week’s theme is: Harmony! Here’s what you have to do for a chance to be featured in our Smule Picks playlist next week:

1) Pick a song and harmonize with yourself or another friend(s).

2) Add the hashtag#SmulePickHarmony!

3) Upload your recording by the deadline on Thursday, September 29th, at noon PST.

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Sing “Shut up and Dance” with Walk the Moon on Smule


Sing “Shut up and Dance” with Walk the Moon on Smule


By now, you have probably heard this song – if not danced to this song, sang this song or karoake’d to this song. A catchy song with an awesome melody, it’s tough for anyone not to get it caught in their head. Today on Sing! Karaoke you can sing the song with the band!

Since 2006 when lead singer Nicholas Petricca started the band, Walk the Moon, in Ohio, they had many member changes until they ended up with its current members in 2010. In 2012 they released their second album, Talking is Hard, which included “Shut up and Dance.” Not surprisingly, the song rose quickly and became the band’s biggest hit, peaking at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, while also holding a spot at number 1 on Billboard Hot Rock Songs and Billboard Alternative Songs.
Sing “Shut up and Dance with me” with Walk the Moon on Smule.

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SmuleTalent TagTeam Competition

img_1271*Community Post with @SmuleTalent*

ATTENTION ALL SMULE SING TEAMS! SmuleTalent TagTeam Competition is now accepting Auditions for the Upcoming Contest! Register and send your best team video performance on our webpage at SmuleTalent.com

TagTeam Contestants must be in a Team of 2 or 3 people. All must be at least 18 years of age, have Smule Sing APP and Line APP to participate.

REGISTRATION/AUDITIONS OPEN SEPTEMBER 15, 2016 AND WILL CLOSE AFTER 500 TEAMS HAVE REGISTERED –  so grab your partner(s), make your audition video, REGISTER and submit your audition video ASAP!!

Check us out at SmuleTalent.com and also on Smule Sing App @SmuleTalent

**Audition Videos must be made using only the Smule Sing APP – All members of your team must be heard and seen in the video (including the number of joins), FX allowed are NONE, Polish, Indie, Studio and Super Studio only. Video Filters Allowed (just make sure we can clearly see all members).

**IMPORTANT: You Must add ” #STTTAudition ” on your song, so that we can find it and Review it in Smule Sing App. 3 Yes Votes from the judges will get you invited to participate in the contest, 3 NOs will automatically close out the voting. You can only audition one time. Use of unapproved FX,  use of profane/offensive language and/or nudity will automatically diqualify your team. You can choose any song but it must be in English.

Contest begins October 8, 2016 and ends on December 12, 2016.

Various Prizes (such as iTunes gift cards and judge’s seats for next season of SmuleTalent TagTeam Vocal Competiton are listed on our SmuleTalent.com)


250 Teams will be selected to participate!


8 Rounds of Musical Challenges


10 of the Most Talented and Unbiased Judges


An Unforgettable 2016 Experience!!



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Tuesday Tips: Expanding Vocal Range

Tuesday Tips is part of our Smule Inspire program. Through shared performances, tips, guest blog posts by veteran users, we hope that Smule Inspire will do just as its name implies: inspire all users in the community – to connect, collaborate, and create music together … ultimately to have the best experience possible on Smule.

“Vocal range can definitely be extended! It doesn’t happen overnight though, and requires practice and proper vocal care alongside proper technique. Sometimes simply a redistribution of breath will help increase range <- I guess that one COULD be overnight lol.” – JeffreyAKG_TV

“I don’t have any “professional” advice or exercises to offer. What I do know personally for myself is when I’m relaxed, I seem to deliver those higher notes much easier. Some of the best music I’ve ever heard have come from “backyard jam sessions.” It’s because everyone is relaxed, having a few beverages, and just enjoying the moment. So that’s what I suggest, relax yourself (physically and mentally), have a cold beverage near by to keep those vocal chords moist, and just let the good times roll. You’d be surprise by doing that alone how much your range can be extended. Cheers🍻” –IM_ALL_IN

“I guess I will pull in some anatomy. Your Larynx, which is where the vocal folds sit in your body, is full of muscles that help control the vocal folds. Like all other muscles in the body, you can works to stretch and gain flexibility. Like Jefferey said, it doesn’t happen overnight. If I wanted to get into the splits, I’d work everyday stretching to slowly get there. If you want to extend your range up, do vocal warm-ups that push you up in that range, stretching the muscles.

Here’s the kicker though! Your lower range doesn’t work that way. You can strengthen you lower range by relaxing and using proper technique, but it is almost impossible to extend your vocal range because that is based off of your genetics and age. The low range of your voice is all centered around the thickness of your vocal folds. The thicker they are, the lower you go. As you get older, they thicken… other outside factors contribute to them thickening as well (allergies, heartburn, smoking, etc.) – tamara_hope

“Yes Tamara!! Your voice is a muscle and If you do heathy consistent warm ups around the range area you would like to expand on it will eventually help your range. Healthy being the key word 😉” –Sarah_TV

If you have a question you’d like to ask or even a topic you’d like to learn more about, please fill out the form on the Smule Inspire page!
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